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Luxury and Bliss - E Commerce School. Everything You Need To Know 

To Build A Successful Online Store 

Presented by Jameka L. Joiner
Founder & CEO of the
Luxury and Bliss Brand.

If you're like me and don't like to read a lot of words, click here to listen,  or click here to watch me "say it out loud" lol or if your old school and still love to read (which I do sometimes)  please read below lol. Here we go:


Are you sick-sick-sick and tired of webinars, challenges, and trainings that tell you that they can help you grow and succeed in your business, but wait, it will take 6 months to learn and another 6 months to implement, without a true step-by-step process.


Have you already invested into so many programs that you can't find the time to do them all, let alone being overwhelmed about where to start?


Well then I can help you with that.


I have no in between webinar for you to sit through.

There's no "FREE challenge" where you get inspired from all the content, guest speakers, heartfelt family and pet videos, nice cars to dream about, houses to one day live in, and vacations that you can potentially go on.


I don't show you how you can possibly become "Just like me" and then give you an astronomical offer at the end of the "free challenge" (because after all, nothing is truly for free).

There's also no training that I will provide that will lead to you feeling like now what do I do once you have completed it.

Here's what I do. I show you step-by-step what I learned from many many many months and years of learning myself, how to parent myself as an adult, how to keep my commitment to myself, and how to put in the work to get the results that I want and deserve.


I have done this through trial and error of starting multiple businesses, yet still not generating income, even after spending thousands of dollars on training. I have upgraded my skill sets and on a personal level, got real with myself, studied myself, became gentle with myself, and learned what best works for me. 

I cut out the noise, stopped comparing my journey to others, and started training myself to be the best version of myself , for myself and the people that mean the most to me. 

I show you how to build an online ecommerce store and accomplish what I learned in as little as three weeks, because I too got sick-sick-sick and tired of all the promises with my valuable time invested that I cannot get back.  So I want to make sure that no other time is wasted for you or anyone that I help. 


I show you every little nick and cranny of what it takes to first do something good for yourself  (because you matter too). I do this by giving you a personalized one-on-one session and showing you how to organize your daily schedule to include things that we seem to never have time for:   like quick cleaning, a load of laundry, daily or weekly meal prepping, and staying on top of your finances.

Then creating a lovingly yet success oriented morning routine, to include making the bed, hygiene, prayer/meditation, reading, journaling, visualizing, gratitude, affirmations, dancing around in the house for a brief moment to your favorite song, and exercising.


Then on to an effective work day and weekly schedule to include 4 to 8 hours of focused work. This can include things such as a  social media day, learning skill set day, date night or family day, a clean up day, where you can clean the car, deep clean the house or the garage, a grocery and hygiene shopping day, and a church or rest day.  


Then on to  a peaceful night routine, to include, a nice bath or shower,  a relaxing stretch, a healthy night snack and some TV, or a chat on the phone, or your all time favorite thing to do before bed.


Then on to a day off for self love and self care where you "find joy in your day. And lastly scheduling in a mini or extended vacation to look forward to.

I then go on to the business aspect of showing you how to lay a solid God-foundation of starting your business by showing you step-by-step what you will need to do to come up with a phenomenal  business name, become legal, professional and legit and then create a solid plan and process.


I help you learn how to come up with a branded color scheme, design your own logo, build your own ecommerce (online store) website, and connect it to a drop shipper, or a print company, or a shipping company.

Then create a seamless and recognizable social branding across all social media platforms. Come up with your why (the reason why you are doing all of this).


Then come up with your core values - the beliefs that you company will and will not stand for, your vision statement, and your mission statement. 


I then help you to figure out your niche and your idea client, and lastly teach you how to automate, and see if you need to outsource, and create your first ad.

 Then you are well on your way to move on to your next best thing(s) in life.


Which should involve loving on you, loving on your family, and allowing your business to create generational wealth and leave a lasting legacy.


God said faith without works is dead. So although you have a big goal, dream, and vision, no matter who you learn from, you will still have to put in work.


I am here to help you do so efficiently and effectively with out all the extra and unnecessary "hype/information"

So If you want to cut out all the unnecessary steps and get straight to the point of building a solid God-foundation and bring the business idea that God blessed you with to life, then here you go.


Here everything that I will offer, how I will help you, and here is the pricing $1497.


God gave me this vision while sitting on the couch, and showed me that ordinary people with extraordinary goals, dreams, and visions just like me are tired of not being able to figure things out and some are living off their last of savings to do so.


So I acted accordingly and "decided" to listen to God and help others and now I am here to help  you just as I needed help. And my prayer is that this helps at least one person.


Thank you kindly and many blessings. Jameka L. Joiner

In this webinar we will cover

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