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Art Direction
Visual Identity
Web Design



Earth is more than a beauty and skincare brand; it's a movement challenging deep-seated cultural norms, tailored for today's diverse, empowered women of color. Embracing a wide spectrum of individuals across cultures and skin tones, every aspect of its identity reflects this rich diversity.

The visual representation celebrates the multifaceted nature of the Earth woman: strong yet gentle, embracing her individuality while honoring her heritage. This essence is encapsulated in a logo that initially appears spherical but upon closer inspection reveals softer, organic shapes. This handcrafted emblem exudes a distinctive charm, emphasizing the personalized nature of the products. Its bold presence on surfaces signifies the brand's mission—to instill unshakable confidence in its customers, mirroring the confidence Earth strives to cultivate. This multiplicity extends to the typography—a fusion of sans-serif fonts striking a balance between whimsy and elegance—paired with a minimal, dynamic color palette. Since its inception, Earth has swiftly gained recognition in various publications, marking its impactful presence.

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