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Jacques Jewellery


Visual Identity
Web Design

Jacques Jewellery

2019 - 2021

Jacques Jewellery stands as a pioneering force in the realm of luxury fashion accessories—an eponymous brand crafting distinct, top-tier pieces entirely by hand. This dedication to luxury resonates deeply within an identity that exudes sophistication across both traditional and digital brand interfaces. Striking a harmonious balance between delicacy and strength, the branding embodies contemporary femininity through a refined yet powerful aesthetic. While remaining distinctively recognizable, this identity remains adaptable, serving as a versatile canvas for the diverse array of current and future collections.

In its revamped visual identity, the jewelry becomes an integral part of the logo itself: miniature jewels intricately integrated above or within the logotype, forming an adaptable framework. This innovative approach allows for interchangeable symbols and combinations, emphasizing the transformative nature of adorning oneself with distinct jewelry pieces. The outcome is a remarkably versatile set of logos designed to lend a playful yet sophisticated touch across various executions.

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