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Elle Est Amour


Art Direction
Visual Identity
Web Design

Elle Est Amour


Established in 2005, Elle Est Amour epitomizes an online emporium of opulence in the realm of luxury fashion—a sophisticated haven for haute couture aficionados and a platform tailored for fashion exploration.

The reimagined visual identity encapsulates the very essence of discovery, presenting an abstract vista that invites immersion into the world of Elle Est Amour—a gateway to unexplored realms of splendor. This transformation yields a curated collection of expressive forms, harmonizing diverse photographic styles into a cohesive universe. With a focus on distinctiveness and adaptability, the identity is crafted to stand out: bespoke typefaces carve out an original visual identity, catering to a contemporary audience, while a bold and refined color palette strikes an exquisite balance, infusing each brand touchpoint with charisma and sophistication.

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