Jameka Jeffries-Morrison

Quest For Success, Legacy Wealth Builders


The Direction #2

In this design, the Q4S is modeled after the Yves Saint Laurent brand logo. However, the entanglement of both letters and # represents unity and strength with the words "Quest for Success" in type font slightly to the left for better brand recognition. The gold circle with the tagline "Legacy Wealth Builders on the inner line, signifies wholeness, completeness community, friendship, and inclusivity. Circle logos are also known to be one of the most popular shapes for brand representation.

 The Direction #3

In this design, the house represents building financial wealth through property ownership and or investment;

 while the up-rising swoosh represents a form of movement, power, and motivation. The double swoosh represents unity with your brand (Quest for Success) and your potential clients moving upwards together. 

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The Direction #1

In this design, the focus was on all things success related. The success journey starts at the bottom point of the swoosh element which then makes an upward movement to the rising stars. The journey then proceeds to the peak of the high-rise building; all encompassed in a circle. The circle signifies wholeness, completeness, community, friendship, and inclusivity. The up-rising swoosh represents a form of movement, power, and motivation. The three rising starts represent harmony and completeness, while the high-rise building leading up to the peak represents confidence and the ability to conquer and rise to the top