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Finding Love For Today

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Website Designer Near Me_
Website Designer Near Me
Website Designer Near Me_

About Finding Love For Today:

Dr. Shanda did what so many of us beautiful women are guilty of, (we try to do everything ourselves). Dr. Shanda DIY'd her own website (smile). Luxury and Bliss Designs helped her to

"look good online" for her women's nonprofit organization by rebranding her website, color

scheme, font, logo, business cards,  banners for all social media platforms, and branded posts.

With industry research, we were also able to get the proper nonprofit payment integration connected to enable donations. Dr. Shanda was a pleasure to work with and

we are truly in support of her mission and vision to help women.

What we did: Market Research, Website Redesign, Donation Finacial Integration, Fully Functional & Mobile Responsiveness, Basic SEO, Social Media Branding, Business Cards, and Logo Design.
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Luxury and Bliss Designs - Website and Graphic Designer
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