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If you are ready to elevate your brand and would like a custom design proposal outside of the 3 packages already listed on our service page, please fill out this form in as much detail as you can provide and your application will be reviewed for the next best steps. 
Are you aware that Luxury and Bliss Designs uses the Wix platform to custom design your website? Also, that Wix comes with a small monthly hosting fee ?
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Are you aware that our custom website design package with 4 pages starts at $4,500?
I am in a position to invest in my business based on the above minimal Bliss Experiences.
How involved would you like to be in your design project?
Are you committed to providing all of the necessary information (such as the client welcome intake packet, images or videos, copywriting or content) in a timely manner based on a set timeline in order for Luxury and Bliss Designs to provide you with an excellent website and or brand design experience?
I understand that this application is to begin working with Luxury and Bliss Designs
I understand that if my application is approved, I will be provided with a design proposal via email. If I agree with the custom package price I will retain Luxury and Bliss Designs by purchasing the service through a project invoice. I will then need to sign a service agreement. After that, I will then be given a scheduling link for a video conference via Zoom for a vision call with Jameka to start my design project.
Luxury and Bliss Desgins understands that your design project may be a bit more complex, and therefore, you may need a 15-30 min complimetary consultation prior to receiving a design proposal. Is your project complex and or will you need a consultaton first?

Thanks for choosing Luxury and Bliss Designs, we will respond in 24-48 hours